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The Omega Institute

Masters of Tarot

August 9 - 11, 2024

Rhinebeck, NY

Take your tarot knowledge to the next level with four esteemed experts who guide you in exploring tarot as a path to creative inspiration both for yourself and when working with others.

Learn new ways of working with the cards in order to solve practical problems and bring your imaginative visions to fruition. Explore new decks, nurture your individual growth, and engage with a vibrant community of practitioners.

Through question-and-answer panels, demonstrations, readings, and working with partners and groups, you:
Find inspiration for your tarot work and cultivate trust in your intuition
Explore personal issues and important life decisions
Express your creativity and share insights in a supportive environment that encourages trust and growth

This weekend is designed to echo the tarot's origins as a game. It is a profound, wondrous, liberating, and mysterious experience approached in a spirit of play.

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