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Disclosure Statement

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I am not a licensed therapist, doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor.

By law, this work is classified as "entertainment." Mystery entertains the hell out of me.

I protect your confidentiality unless I perceive implied harm to yourself or to another.

I will not censor any received messages. I will strive however to frame all in a compassionate manner.

I ask for sacred amnesia after all sessions. The exception in retaining information is during mentoring when I take notes.

I read cards—not palms or tea leaves—and no, these are not interchangeable.

Tarot is far more relevant as a generator of powerful ideas than as a fortunetelling device although I use both paths.

Personal responsibility is key to all healthy interactions. What you do with the information received is entirely up to you. I will end our working relationship if it becomes ineffective.

I am not 100% accurate.

Use any information or messages received as guidelines, not irrefutable prophecies.

I will not initiate a greeting to you in public.

I listen to all kinds of energy in various ways to communicate essential information.

I cuss occasionally.

I want to get to my last day of life without serious regrets. I often keep that in mind for my client as well.

And Sorry – No Refunds!

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