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About Nucc (Nooch)

I am interested in the deep work around creativity as being a spiritual path and have been serving as a muse for others most of my adult life.


I see and think in pictures. Tarot is one of my favorite tools because it is a language of imagery.


I have developed a strong practice of witnessing others. I share these experiences as a teacher and author to build strong readers, creative leaders and folks of all walks of life in trusting their own wisdom. 


I work with individuals as well as businesses and organizations in opening doors to innovation and effective perceptions.


My first book, “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards” is a compilation of 30 years of showing others how to develop their own tarot language. guide in doing exactly that for yourself.


My newest book,“Tarot Rituals – Ceremonies, Ideas & Experiences for the Tarot Lover” presents nearly 100 rituals designed for the solitary practitioner as well as for groups. This book reveals  magic from behind the veils to awaken the muse within you.



I started The Twin Cities Tarot Collective (TCTC) as a strong Tarot dojo.  We produce various cyber gatherings and the annual North Star Tarot Conference and an innovative Monthly Meetup for tarot lovers of all levels.


I co-created the Dark Goddess Lodge  with Ellen Lorenzi -Prince and Melani Weber. It is a cyber-sanctuary that explores 78 different Goddesses as represented in the Dark Goddess Tarot.  Each has their own unique spread and visualization for a well rounded approach of the Divine Feminine.


I have presented at many national conferences and an international school for tarot based in Chengdu, China.


For Your Information

I ask for sacred amnesia so I do not remember your session.

The only license I have is that of a driver’s license. I am not a trained therapist, lawyer, or financial advisor. When possible, I will make referrals for other types of support that you might need.

I will end our working relationship if I feel that I cannot serve your greatest potential, or sense a growing dependency or unhealthy dynamic.

I do not offer refunds for my work. You are paying for my time and experience.

I fiercely protect your confidentiality unless I perceive implied harm to yourself or to another. 

I will not censor any messages received, but will endeavor to frame all messages in a kind manner.

I read cards—not palms or tea leaves—and no, these are not interchangeable.

Tarot is far more relevant as a generator of powerful ideas than as a fortunetelling device although I use the path that surfaces. 

Personal responsibility is key to all healthy interactions. What you do with the information received is entirely up to you.

I am not 100% accurate. 

Use any information or messages received as guidelines, not timelines or unchangeable prophecies.

I will not initiate a greeting to you in public but will respond if you make that step.

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