About Nancy


I read energy by finding patterns.

I come from a world of dance so creating and finding patterns is second nature.

For the most part, I am self taught. Before internet (and strangely no little white book), I trusted the story of each card. Those original stories still serve as my organic foundation. My Book, “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards” is a guide in doing exactly that for yourself.

I am a key note speaker, creative director, reader and performer for various conferences such as the Readers Studio of New York, the famed B.A.T.S. Conference in California and The Women and Spirituality Conference in Minnesota.

 The Twin Cities Tarot Collective (TCTC) is my strong Tarot dojo in the Twin Cities (MN) We are    helping new readers find their strengths as professional readers, creating mystical events and the annual North Star Tarot Conference. We play and work hard at the Monthly Meetup.

 I am a co-creator of the Dark Goddess Lodge. It is a cyber-sanctuary exploring the strength and guidance of various Goddesses. The Dark Goddess Tarot is the visual guide to develop aspects of love and power within ourselves and others needed for these times.

 I support innovative entrepreneurs, companies and organizations. Through readings/coaching, I am able to clarify dynamics of groups, the focus for bringing one’s business to the next level and/or energetic reading of important visuals such as logos, branding, and strong messaging.