You are more magical than you know

Magic and mystery are powers deep within. Guided with love, these influential resources can help you walk in this world as your truest self. But how does one access this magical force? I can help.

I am a Creative Advocate who uses the tool of Tarot. I support my clients and students to mindfully create their present and future. I serve as a teacher, mentor, and reader—surfacing creative ways of knowing, being and doing. My mission is to help others uncover their creative gifts. 

Tarot is a symbolic language of energy. Each of the 78 cards holds an image that tells a thousand stories. The textured layers of these cards reflect your passion and wisdom. This out-of-the-box approach to creative problem solving yields profound insights.

As our world shifts in unexpected ways, we need more trust, imagination and vision. These are necessary tools to limit fear and to change our decision-making to live in growth rather than comfort. My greatest honor is to guide others to stop behaving and start becoming. 

This isn’t just about the cool lavender hippie vibes. 

 This is about the world calling you to get real. It’s not about hiding in illusions, ignoring important warning signs or just tolerating life. It’s about living fearlessly. 

Living fully as both body and soul is an art form. During a session, we take a step back to look at your current life as if it were a painting. What do you see? What is already growing beautifully? What doesn’t feel right?

What is it you hope to change?

Together we will navigate ways to create the vision and strategy of the life you were meant to experience.