We are spirits having a human experience. Our journey here includes gravity, birth, taxes and neighbors—with a parting gift of death. In this brief time, what do you want to experience? What do you want to leave behind? What will you risk to die with no regrets? By putting all your cards on the table, we will surface your own wisdom.

A Tarot reading is a deep exploration of your inner landscape. My method is a blend of prediction, visceral information and clear direction that may have been known but not yet acknowledged.

Readings are rooted in the present. A reading doesn’t cause events to happen, but rather unrolls the map of ideas and beliefs that you are currently sending into the world. The tool of Tarot unearths the energy that got you to where you are now. We will use it to get you where you want to go.

As a reader, I observe, perceive and receive impressions—not only from the symbols and layers of traditional Tarot meanings, but with a sense of “other.” What do I mean by “other”? Love, or as I like to call it, the Creative Unknown.

You will receive information that can be acted on through your own love and power. This would not include when you die, winning the lottery, your ex’s new girlfriend, or lifting a curse. (There are other readers for that.)


You are mythic. I won’t let you run from yourself.

Provocative questions and straight answers are incredible support during a time of change. I name the patterns that surface, allowing you to see a whole menu of new choices.

Readings will serve you at just about any time of the year, but those near your birthday seem to be especially insightful. Once a year or every other season, a full-hour consultation takes good care of filling your creative spirit.

I offer readings in person from my home in St. Paul, my St. Louis Park office in Minneapolis. I also offer readings by Skype, phone or email.

If there are specific areas of your life that need ongoing focus and support, consider a mentoring relationship to focus on specific goals.

When Do I Need a Reading?

Great Times for a Reading

• Changing an aspect or direction of your life

• You are at a major crossroads

• Special anniversaries such as birthdays or death days

• Finding a partner

• Selling a home or moving

• Work opportunities

• To break up a chronic problem or pattern

• To increase your focus or energy

• Deciding on a dissertation

• A well-rounded "spiritual" check-up

• To be seen with a different set of eyes

• Times of restlessness

• A need for spiritual awareness and growth

• Finding your true North

• To receive an overview of your current choices

Come Between Worlds

Ready for a reading of your own. Schedule with Nancy today!

Group and Event Readings

Whether it’s for or an intimate party a large event, having a reader for your gathering shifts the entire atmosphere. Invoking mystery and permission allows for a stimulating flow of energy where people feel more connected and open to sharing.

I travel within the Twin Cities Metro area (and sometimes beyond). I ask that the hostess oversee the payment. My minimum reading time is three hours.

I require a space that provides privacy for the readings. I dress with flair, but not as a gypsy. 

Group Event Ideas

Book clubs
Birthday parties
Art Events
Student groups
Employee Recognition
Great Gatherings for Schools
Miscellaneous happenings (formal or informal)

The Session

Get quiet. No, really. Carve out some time and turn down the noise. Ask yourself some of these questions and jot down the answers that come to mind.

- What has been on your radar lately?
- What kind of energy have you been feeling?
- Is anything keeping you up at night?
- What’s been charged lately?
- If you had a magic wand, what would you change?
- What do you think you’re missing?

Forget the yes-and-no questions and the questions about other people. Those types of questions yield little insight.

This is not a “cold reading,” where I just read the cards as you silently sit and receive. I view this work as a perfect dialogue—between you and me, between your spirit and me, and between you and your own fears, desires, and hopes.

After you settle in, I will ask if you would like me to record audio of our session, if you would prefer to record it yourself or take notes. I briefly describe my process

You choose one deck from a beautiful menu of many.

We ground together—become quiet, focus within and let go of the world.

As you shuffle and think about life, I close my eyes and ask for an initial image. This initial image, which is unique to my reading style, will give me a bigger context about your current life and this particular session.

Next, I lay down a number of cards for an overview spread. This initial spread helps me know how you have been viewing reality and how it has been looking at you. We dialogue about the questions or areas you have in mind.

Using the information from the initial image, the overview spread, and the questions and concerns that inspired you to have a reading, I will suggest areas that we might explore. The hour includes many twists and turns through imagery, dialogue, deep questions and straight answers. Near the end of the session, I will ask if there is any need for clarifications. You will hopefully leave feeling more like yourself.

We literally stirred a big pot of unconscious information, so let the soup simmer—only stirring when you need to. For 48 hours after the session, hydrate with water, sleep well and walk a lot.

Pay attention to all of your dreams. Within this space and time after a reading, your own wisdom will surface more insights.

After the dust settles, you might ask:

- What did you love hearing and seeing?
- What did you hate?
- What surprised you?
- Is there one different action or thought from the session that will benefit your life?
- What are your gut reactions now?