Learning Tarot

Our spirit responds well to imagery, music, color, and scent. As children, many of us experienced an amazing creative connection to the world. At a certain age though, many of us closed down. The doors to our imagination, dreams and other invisible beings were closed. Too many of us have stopped singing, dancing and painting.

Spirit never shuts down, though; it only goes dormant. As human spirits, all of us are psychic. We simply have to wake up the connection again. To develop this inner voice beyond the initial flashes and glimmers of recognition, we must apply this skill for situations other then crisis, death and fear. Tarot training is like taking a Kodak photo and allowing it to become a movie. It takes focus, patience and practice—but mostly curiosity.


If you are curious about using Tarot, it is calling you.

You need tools, not rules, to connect with the energy between worlds. Being psychic is like entering the wild. It is your lovely and strange inner landscape. Your heart is your guide and your mind is the navigator as the voice within opens up scenarios and possibilities that are not readily apparent.

The first step toward trusting the voice within is listening. You do not have to believe in invisible giants such as God or Goddess—just a sense that there is an energy that connects all living things.

If you ache to hear the specific way your wisdom speaks to you, I can help. My goal as a teacher is to help you find the path toward trusting your own creative authority. 

I can teach you privately or within a larger group. If you are ready to dive into your creative unknown, I am ready to guide you.

The Tarot Experience

Do you want to discover more about Tarot, but you’re not sure if want to commit to a workshop? What about your poor Tarot deck languishing in that drawer? Do you want to learn ways to become more intuitive without spending a lot of time and money? The Tarot Experience might be just what you need. 

If you host a gathering of at least four folks, I will guide the group in reading Tarot cards! For two hours in the comfort of your home or meeting space, we will all play together with crazy, fun exercises with the cards. We will sit in a circle and take turns reading random cards in inventive and non-judgmental ways. 

 With over 25 years of experience, I am capable of creating a space with strong boundaries and magical expectations. It’s more of a Tarot party rather than a workshop. You will gain a new appreciation of your own wisdom. The Experience is two hours long, but time whizzes by!

This is incredibly fun for special occasions like a family reunion, a celebration with friends, or to liven up a long winter night.