Theater and Ritual

Movement is my primary love, and always will be.

I have danced forever—as a white horse running in the school alley to stay warm on a chilly morning, through years of classical training, eventually experiencing four years of many forms of dance from amazing teachers at Butler University. I became a contemporary dancer for three regional companies in Pennsylvania before coming to Minnesota where I choreographed a gazillion musicals. I explore a universe of movement in an Authentic Movement peer group.

I bring my life of movement to Tarot because the stories are too powerful to be limited as two-dimensional.

In 2008, I created the Pagan Babies Production Company to utilize the stories of Tarot, Myth and Celtic lore as blueprints to be fully-loving human and mythic beings. Combining movement, music, theater with the occasional puppet creates a visual expression of our journey in life and love as both human and spirit.

Check out past shows in the Pagan Babies Archive

(Joe–includes videos and descriptions of past shows)

Ritual is a specific kind of theater. Unlike the passivity of an audience, group ritual is engaging actively with magic and mystery. It is unbelievably satisfying. My favorite sandbox is the Reader’s Studio. This is an international tarot conference held every spring in Manhattan where I am a co-director of Theater and Ritual, continuing each year to delve into the mystical nuances and practical effectiveness of group magic.

Your Personal Ritual

Life conjures moments of deep transition for planned and unexpected changes. Ritual focuses these moments with growth and honor. If you would like to honor a turning point in your life or that of another, I can help you envision, strategize and create a one-of-a-kind ritual. These might include a wedding, baptism, the blessing of a new home or office, birthday, or funeral. Once you know your true intent and essence of your ceremony, all of the implicit decisions are made easily. I am not an ordained minister, but rather a creative consultant to help you design the ceremony best suited for your occasion.