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Spiritual Mentoring | Between Worlds

Spiritual Mentoring

Create long-term changes in your life with spiritual. We will use the Tarot as road posts in a highly insightful and interactive process.

carefully listen to your heart and mind

ask real questions

face your truest gifts and challenges

adopt new behaviors and thoughts 

I will act as your muse until you can hear your own.

A mentoring session is a dialogue peppered with provocative questions, clarifying cards and creative solutions. You are supported and seen fully as you become more proactive for your life.

Before we enter into a mentoring relationship, we would have a full-hour Tarot session to determine if this work is the next best step for your growth.

What needs to shift, change, or open?

After this initial reading, you would commit to a series of 5 sessions to be completed within four months. You schedule according to your own need for the next infusion. I witness you. There will be homework.


Helpful Times for Mentoring

A Mentor Can Help With:

• Attracting your true companion 
• Books and Blogs aren’t helping
• Finding your true work
• Trying to become pregnant 
• One-on-one Tarot or psychic development 
• Creating a spiritual practice 
• Connecting more easily to your muse and/or the Creative Unknown 
• Experiencing chronic body or emotional ailments 
• Wanting more from your life 
• Feeling the call to teach 
• Upping the level of magic into your life 
• Being a chronic under-earner 
• Navigating the possibility or actuality of divorce 
• Caretaker stress 
• You’re not that fun to be with    

Exploring the mythic quality of your life can be exciting and fun as well as life altering.