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Officiant and Ritual Design | Between Worlds

Officiant and Ritual Design



Your Wedding Ritual

Your wedding is a public ritual of declaring love to your beloved. What would it look like though if your ritual was based on both of your closely held beliefs about Love?

I am an Officiant of the American Marriage Ministries (AMA) which highly values that all people regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation have the right to marry. I specialize in those weddings of alternative spiritualities.

Having a wedding ritual that is based on your hearts will be a ritual that serves the both of you in some of the darker days of the future.

A Wedding is an energetic foundation!

Personal Rituals

Life conjures moments of deep transition for planned and unexpected changes. Ritual focuses these moments with growth and honor. If you would like to honor a turning point in your life or that of another, I can help you

envision, strategize and create a one-of-a-kind ritual.

Our collaborative design for either your solo journey or for a group falls from your true intent for your ceremony or ritual. I am able to create an environment that will feel safe, sacred and beautiful.

Would you like creative support in creating a one-of-a-kind ritual such as:

  • Blessing a new home or office
  • Birthday
  • Coming of Age
  • Empty Nester

Honor Life by naming and claiming the road posts.